Welcome to Womps.net, the personal site of Morgan Soley. I'm a web application developer that works day-to-day with the Microsoft stack of technologies (ASP.Net, SQL Server), but I do some LAMP development in my personal projects.


Currently working on some side projects in WPF and taking a stab at using Expression Blend to build the UI. I've quite successfully (IMHO) come up with a couple of decent MVVM applications and am looking forward to applying my learning to some other opportunities.


ASP.Net MVC logo

I'm currently working on some personal projects using the ASP.Net MVC Framework, and comparing it to a homemade PHP MVC implementation.

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I'm also currently exploring the SubSonic 3 release using MySQL as a backend, and getting familiar with T4 and Subsonic's implmentation of Active Record. It's unfortunate that SubSonic seems to have stalled somewhat, but it looks like there might be hope for it. Eventually I wouldn't mind contributing to the project.